Shimmering Heights
The climb is made. The reward is an imposing view over the valley beneath. It is cold up here. The wind is blowing away the shimmering snowfields, tearing at the scraggy bushes, flying down the mountain slope, rustling in the treetops, whistling in the grass and whirling over the water, before it assists a swarm of birds in their complex choreography. A storm is brewing in the west. Or did it already pass by? Between mountains and rocks, where crystals are hiding, fjords lie, growing corals in the deep. It is quiet and loud at the same time. An air of unrealness or even gloominess overshadows the scene. Almost as if something is about to happen.
The fold out size of this leporello is 258 x 32.4 cm.
  • Category: Personal
  • Publisher: Rotopol
  • ISBN: 978-3-940304-19-3
Shimmering Heights